As of June 2012 we have suspended our cruising life and are living on land for awhile.

If you haven’t seen them, our cruising logs and expense page will give you the details of our cruising adventures in the Caribbean from December 2005 through June 2012.

When we are fed up with land life and get back out there, we will let you know here.

Welcome to our website which will provide a view into the life of John and Ann Taylor on a sailing adventure on Livin the Dream, a 44-foot Stamas sailing ketch.  We hope this website will share our sailing adventures with family and friends and provide useful information to other cruisers or cruise dreamers.

ann & john

For 15 years we dreamed of living on a sailboat.   We chartered bareboats in the Caribbean, Tahiti, the San Juan Islands, the Florida Keys, Southwest Florida, and the Seychelles . We owned a 27 foot O'Day that we sailed for several years on Lake Lanier in Georgia .  For 10 years, we developed a plan to retire early and go sailing.  Our goal was 2008.  During 2005, several things came together to accelerate our plan and we decided to go for it.  We are both too young to retire, so we just stopped working.  Maybe we are going through our mid-life crisis together.  We bought a cruising boat in November 2005, sold our house in Atlanta in mid-February 2006, and moved onto the boat.  We are hoping to sail for 5 – 7 years, but we will evaluate along the way. 


captain John


We named our boat Livin the Dream, although Ann’s mother thinks it should be named “My Mother-in-Law’s Nightmare”.  The boat was built in 1984, and has 2 cabins (bedrooms) and 2 heads (bathrooms), a galley (kitchen) with 3-burner stove & oven, refrigerator, freezer and washer/dryer.   See About the Boat for more details on the boat.                                   



      Captain John



admiral annOur family was not excited about our adventure and our lifestyle choice.  They are worried about all the bad things that can happen (bad weather, pirates, and sickness) and thought they would never see or hear from us again.  We think they are more comfortable with our choice after visiting with us and Livin the Dream in various countries and realizing that we can stay in touch through email, this website, and phone calls when ever possible.  


Since February 2006, we have traveled almost 20,000 nautical miles, visiting 28 countries, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands.  We started in the Bahamas and continued our Caribbean circle from East to West, ending in the Yucatan of Mexico. Our ports included all the islands of the Eastern Caribbean, and Caribbean ports in South and Central America, and Mexico. Check out our monthly Cruising Logs to get an update on our adventures.

Admiral Ann         

John grew up in Michigan and his Dad continues to live in the Detroit area.  Ann grew up in Georgia and her parents live in a small town in Northwest Georgia .  John has 5 married children and they are scattered in Utah, Las Vegas, and Houston, TX .  We have 19 grandchildren ranging from ages 15 to 1.

Contact us with questions or comments at johnandann@livinthedreamcruising.com.  We will try to reply to you once we get internet access.

Ann & John Livin the Dream

       Ann & John Livin the Dream