April 2010

west end underwater sceneIn early April we left the beautiful waters of Belize for the second time this year and headed back to Honduras. We just didn't have enough playtime in Roatan earlier this year. We returned to West End, Roatan, our vacation playground. We go scuba diving in the morning and John plays beach volleyball five to six nights each week. We have taken more than 75 underwater photographs in the past three weeks and wanted to share some of our best photos. This log is brief in words, but we hope that these pictures will be worth a thousand words.

Roatan underwater scene

Honduras sunsetThere is a great group of cruising boats here and we often watch the sun set and socialize with other boats either on shore, on each other's boats, or in a dinghy drift. When a dinghy drift is suggested, each boat brings their dinghy and ties up to other dinghies. Think of a big circle of rubber inflatable boats all tied together. Everyone brings along an appetizer to pass from dinghy to dinghy and we all watch the sunset and enjoy each other's company. On our last dinghy drift we saw a falling star just as the darkness took over from dusk. 

Honduras sunset


Spotted morayGreen moray








Green moray eel                                                                  Spotted moray eel


spotted drum We have recently had problems with our dinghy engine (15 hp Mercury outboard). We have a back-up outboard engine (8 hp Yamaha), but it had not been started in more than three years. Of course the back-up engine would not run properly. We took both engines to a mechanic and another boat graciously loaned us their spare outboard engine. We now have the back-up engine working and are using it, but the diagnosis is still out on our primary engine. It may be time to purchase another dinghy engine.


Spotted drum

Spade fish

Spade fishEarly this summer we were planning to return with Livin the Dream to the U.S. for the first time in four years to complete some major projects. Another cruising boat suggested that we investigate the Demopolis Yacht Basin which is 213 miles up the Tombigbee River north of Mobile, AL. We contacted the marina and found good pricing out of the hurricane zone and a reasonable drive from our home base in Georgia. As we post this log, all of our plans are in limbo due to the massive oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Our planned route from Isla Mujeres, Mexico to Mobile would take us directly through the oil spill. We plan to travel north to Mexico in the next week and will try to gather more information to make our decision. Our second option is to keep the boat on the coast of Georgia near  Savannah.

Surgeon fish

Surgeon fish