February 2012

We continued to enjoy many of our favorite activities during February. The month treated us to some very calm days mixed with some very windy days. On the windy days, we enjoyed hiking the trails of St. John and enjoying the wildlife and scenery. We don’t know the name of the birds that hang out at the Francis Bay salt pond, but they all develop a similar rhythm as they take one step and dip their beak into the mud of the pond. Maybe we can join the weekly ranger program at some to find out more about these delightful little birds.

 salt pond birdsalomon beach








queen angelfish 





On calm days we enjoyed the water by snorkeling or scuba diving. We hunted for lobster a couple of times during the month, but we didn’t have great luck. We are hoping our diving friends Pete and Ron will bring us better luck when they visit next month.






michelle & eric


Michelle and Eric, friends from Atlanta, visited us for a few days in mid-February. We were blessed with beautiful weather and introduced them to all our favorite pastimes on Livin the Dream around St. John. We hiked to the Annaberg Sugar Mill ruins, petroglyphs, Drunk Bay and Ram Head point. We circumnavigated St. John admiring the views of the British Virgin Islands. Snorkeling rewarded us with beautiful tropical fish. Michelle and Eric were great at gathering conch and pitching in on the work to clean and prepare the conch for cooking. The tasty conch were a delicious reward after all that effort.


michelle & eric with conch



On a particularly windy day, we headed to shore at Francis Bay for an afternoon hike. After arriving on shore, we saw a sign asking for volunteers to assist in extending the wooden boardwalk that winds through the Maho trees behind Francis Bay beach. Friends of the Virgin Islands National Park is an active volunteer organization that supports projects and programs that will protect and preserve park resources. This organization built the original boardwalk which provides handicapped access through a Maho tree forest and to a great bird observation platform over the salt pond. The new project would double the length of the boardwalk and build an additional observation platform over the salt pond.

building the boardwalk



We walked up to the volunteer group and asked if we could assist. We worked for over two hours on the project, rather than take our planned afternoon walk and returned the next morning to work another four hours. John assisted in building the boardwalk framing and support while Ann cleaned up discarded wood in the mangroves and helped move around building supplies. We met several St. John residents and had a great time “giving back” to a place that has given us so many wonderful memories.




March will be a busy month as we entertain three different groups of guests in the Virgin Islands.

Virgin Islands rainbow