March 2010

 In early Marcnurse sharkh we spent just over a week in Roatan diving in the waters of West End. The weather cooperated and allowed us to dive every day. We continued to see some amazing underwater life, including a large nurse shark hanging out in one of the coral canyons along the wall of the reef. Later in the month, our friends Tim and Paula on Hooligan saw a large hammerhead shark while they were diving in the area. That would have been a wonderful picture to share. 



Nurse shark

We left Honduras and traveled back to Belize with little time to spare to meet our March guests. We love to share our cruising experiences with family and friends and we had great  opportunities to do so in March.

John's Jack Cravelle (his size 11 foot is included for comparison)

  Jack CrevelleAnn's parents, Bobby and Betty, arrived on March 12 for a two-week visit. This was their fifth visit with us on the boat and we celebrated the beginning of our fifth year of cruising while they were with us. Bobby and Betty have visited the Great Barrier Reef of Australia and wanted to see the second largest barrier reef in the world in Belize. We finally had a day calm enough to observe the beautiful Belize coral reef from the dinghy. We had great luck fishing while we were under sail and it was very exciting as we caught about 4 large mackerel in less than 30 minutes. On another day, we all held our breath as John landed a 20 pound Cravelle Jack on deck under sail.

Bobby & Betty on Belize beachIn Placencia we woke up early to purchase fresh baked cinnamon buns from John the Baker and also enjoyed a great day at the beach with a delicious lunch served right on the sand. The fresh pineapple, oranges, and grapefruit of Belize were also a treat. As we returned to Belize City, they learned more about the history of Belize at the Old Belize museum at Cucumber Beach marina and they enjoyed interacting with all the cruise ship passengers that visited the Old Belize beach and the museum on their one-day stop in the port of Belize City.

Bobby & Betty enjoy the Belize beach

fishing catchThree days after Bobby and Betty left, our daughter Courtney and son-in-law JD joined us for a one-week visit. This was their first visit on Livin the Dream and we were excited to show them what Livin the Dream was all about. The weather forecast was for rain most of the week, but this is one time we were happy that the forecast was wrong. We had a beautiful week of weather and witnessed some amazing sites. The week started off with cave tubing just south of Belize City. Richard the tour guide was wonderful and everyone came back with a great appreciation of the history of Belize and the uniqueness of the rain forest.   


JD and John the proud fishermen


Courtney & JD in BelizeJD & Courtney underwater








Courtney & JD in Belize                                            Courtney & JD the "underwater hunters"

Moray eel

Moray eel On our first night at anchor we watched manatees hunting for food in the late afternoon and early morning hours. We had two wonderful days of snorkeling and spear fishing. We saw a wide variety of tropical fish and beautiful coral. Worthy of specific mention were large barracuda, large rays, a bright green moray eel, and a lionfish. On our way out to the reef in the dinghy one day, a large squid jumped out of the water, just missing JD's left shoulder, passing between John and Courtney and safely landing back in the water after a jump of about 20 feet.  John pulled a muscle in his neck as he jerked out of the way.  None of us had ever seen an airborne squid before let alone been injured ducking one! 


Sea shellsJD and Courtney were both successful at spearing fish and JD has a sharp eye for conch. Our fishing luck while under sail continued and we caught another four mackerel while under sail in less than an hour. It was fun and rewarding to eat our seafood bounty after a hard day of snorkeling and fishing. We ended the week with a surprise find of beautiful small shells to send back to Courtney and JD's five children (our grandchildren) before we headed back to the marina for them to fly out. 

We plan to leave Belize and return to Honduras for one month before we head north to Mexico.

Belize coral reef

Beautiful Belize coral reef