March 2012

Ron's lobster catch




Livin the Dream was busy with entertainment and hospitality most of this month. Scuba diving friends Pete and Ron returned to the boat this year to once again try their luck at lobster hunting. Wind was strong and seas were rough, but that didn’t interfere with our lobster diving efforts. We had a great time diving, hunting and chasing lobster for five days around St. John. We took a break from lobstering for a day and gathered conch. After entertaining several beach tourists with our conch cleaning explanations, we feasted on delicious cracked conch for dinner.






Pete's lobster 




Pete is a talented photographer and he took several beautiful photographs on St. John at sunrise and sunset. It was great fun to have them visit us again and help supply us with delicious lobster.



Tyson with conch




After a few days break to get laundry done and buy food, we were joined by our daughter Courtney, son-in-law JD, and twelve year old grandson Tyson. It was Tyson’s first visit to Livin the Dream and we were excited to share all our fun activities with him. St. John was our playground once again and we were very busy snorkeling, hiking to see the Indian petroglyphs, gathering and cleaning conch, and sailing around St. John. At night we played games, watched for bioluminescent organisms in the water, and gazed at the stars. We saw a wide variety of underwater life including squid, turtles, bioluminescent worms, beautiful tropical fish, tarpon and barracuda. While snorkeling, Courtney spotted a lobster that John was able to capture without using scuba gear which is an opportunity that does not present itself very often. Above the ground we saw mongoose, wild deer and wild donkeys.



Courtney, Tyson, & JD



We treated Courtney and JD to a small taste of scuba diving. Courtney used John’s auxiliary regulator and JD used Ann’s auxiliary regulator while we descended to about 20 feet for ten minutes. It was a nice calm day and they enjoyed seeing the underwater world using scuba.



Tyson & John sailing Hobie

Tyson is working to obtain his Eagle Scout rank and he worked diligently during his visit to fulfill the requirements for two merit badges. He completed his fishing merit badge by snorkeling down in twenty feet of water, gathering several conch, and helping to clean the conch (a very slimy job). He enjoyed eating the conch for dinner. Much of his vacation time was spent earning his merit badge in sailing. He had to learn several sailing knots, sailing terms, “rules of the road”, and points of sail. He was also required to sail a small boat. Tyson and John rented a small Hobie cat for a couple of hours which they were required to capsize and raise. John was a very strict teacher and Tyson was an eager and interested student. During the entire trip Tyson was a great deck hand on Livin the Dream by assisting in mooring the boat, raising and lowering the dinghy, and steering the boat, and of course driving the dinghy. It was a wonderful visit and we really missed them all when they left.


Completed boardwalk

Ann’s parents, Bobby and Betty arrived for their annual visit in late March. We were lucky to see several turtles and to be visited by dolphin very near the boat in several anchorages. Ann and John were snorkeling in Leinster Bay in St. John and a mother and baby dolphin swam about two feet below Ann. The dolphin were so close, that Ann could only capture about half the dolphin in her photo! We all enjoyed walks on St. John, especially walking on the extended boardwalk behind Francis Bay beach that we assisted in building with Park volunteers (see February 2012). It was fun for us to show Bobby and Betty the completed work we had done on St. John.


                                 Whistling Cay at sunset